Founded in 2017, PES is the part of the Platinum Assets Ltd. Group that specialises in delivering renewable energy projects across the UK. Specifically, we build peaking gas power plant projects that maintain a constant supply of renewable energy to the National Grid. 

Our Chairman is Tony Hughes, and our Directors are William Jackson, Fenella Gavin, Peter Eagle, Sonali Craddock, and Chris Ferguson. We are an industry leading team of experts with a proud record of delivering superb, high-value projects – always on time, and always in budget.

Tony Hughes


Our Chairman, Tony Hughes, has operated within various industries at board level for the past 30 years…

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Peter Eagle

Managing Director

Peter heads up the renewable energy team at Platinum Energy Solutions…

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William Jackson


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Chris Ferguson

Group Sales Director

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Sonali Craddock

Marketing Director

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Fenella Gavin

Operations Director

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